Tuesday, May 01, 2007

ArtFest Treasures

My best ArtFest treasure! I learned how to felt hair onto this abandoned muslin rabbit which I altered in the Art Asylum. People gave Bunny charms for her necklace and then some more charms came through 14 Secrets so I added them to the necklace. She has her own little ArtFest bag and all. Here's a close up.
Another treasure was Nina (rhymes with Lima - she will correct you about that) Bagley's Pocket Book of Parlor Questions. I turned mine into Lani's Book of Memory.

"Believe." Remember wishes can come true. This woman has the words "ocean", "village", and "cottage" running through the picture to remind me that before I lived in Prospect I had to have the wish to live by the ocean, in a little cottage in an old fishing village.

This one is to remember to create art and magic every day.

This one is to remember to have a beginners mind about the world, treat each day as an opportunity to discover new things.

Remember to be loyal to yourself and others.

Remember you are loved more than you know. I surely did enjoy making this little book and then altering it. Thank you Nina.

And then there was Nina Bagley's "Knot Now, Nina" necklace and bracelet. The Wild Women of Prospect liked this one to so there may be some silver wire knotting going on in Prospect.


JJ said...

I was hoping the artfest rabbit would make an appearance here...the artfest bag and charms just out it over the top! I also love what you did with your memory book - it is perfect!!

julie (aka jennie)

Lani Gerity said...

Thanks Julie!
That little bunny will be taking a trip to Ohio to visit her buddies so get some carrots ready for her!

dogfaeriex5 said...

hello my friend!!
bunny looks so beautiful what a transformation!!! i will make her a special charm to present to her when we see her and you in september...love you and really miss you..

Lani Gerity said...

Why, thank you Kim. I miss you all too. I'm SO glad I went to ArtFest!