Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Collage by Lani.

Do you ever worry about what is around the next corner? Feel overwhelmed by pressures and events? I got this great email from Adela that gives me a whole new feeling of spaciousness. Try these thoughts on for size!

i think what's been bothering me here was [note past tense] the "lessons" frame.
i really dislike the concept of "lessons", because it sounds [to me]
so punitive/vindictive... as in "that should teach you/i hope you learned
your lesson this time".
so a few years ago i re-framed the process to "explore/discover", which i find
exciting... as in "okay, here's the situation. what could someone/you discover here that might be interesting and rewarding and useful down the pike?"

So, for example, if you have an accident that puts you into rehab (and you can replace rehab with what ever event you like), instead of thinking "I wish I was somewhere else" or "what lessons should I learn hear about paying attention" you could take Adela's explorer approach. Look around this rehab place you have landed and look for what you can discover about it, about yourself, and about re-growth, re-learning, and making things whole. Can you feel the spaciousness and possibilities just waiting for you to explore and discover? Neat, eh?

Thank you Adela!!!!

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holly said...

Adela certainly is wise. What wonderful words. I've taken that philosophy as well. I just think, Ok this _____ (happening, occurence, thing) seems really crappy on the surface but it must be a message, something I need to learn from this experience. So I sit quietly and try and see what it is I need to learn.