Monday, May 21, 2007

Coping Kits

It all started with a question from Lore, over on 14 Secrets,
"If you were going to be away from everyone you knew and all that is your norm to do some hard work, what would you pack in your coping kit?"
At first I was thinking something big, like a journaling bag, but then I started thinking about little tins you could fill with lovely images and something to draw with and maybe a little book... But small.

Shortly after that I was looking at some altered bandaid tins (see above) on Gillian Allen's Art E Zine and just fell in love with Gillian's rustic looking tins. I asked her how she made them and she said she used Nitromores paint stripper to remove the white paint or enamel and was able to get down to the metal finish. Then she brushed it with Modern Masters Metal Effects, Black patina and after that some vinegar and bleach mix--and it sort of went rusty a bit.

So I went looking for Modern Masters anything at all which we do not have, apparently, here in Canada so I settled for throwing my tins in the fire (our old word burning stove, yes I know it's May already but it's still cold here) and they got a wonderful sooty finish. I then remembered the my tubes of Interference from Golden Paints which I learned about from Ruby Fowler (thank you Ruby) so I got to work. These are all in progress so you get the idea of how they are done.

Here's an Altoids tin all sooted and burned with a layer of Interference.

This one was a Sarbuck's Cocoa Tin with some metal, pretty little shiny bits and charms after a layer of Interference.

This one was a Chinese Jasmine Tea tin with a collage element added.

Another tea tin, you can see the history of the tin poking through the Interference. Metal added. I'm considering darkening the metal and adding a touch of interference there as well.

Here's an old film canister which didn't soot up quite enough so I tried some alcohol ink and then a touch of Interference. Then collage, metal ring, bits of mica and pretty shiney things. Again with this one I'm thinking of giving the ring a touch of ink and Interference.

So these will become my Art for Coping Kits for traveling, when the need arises for some quiet reflection time and a little endorphin boost (if I can stop playing with them, that is). Updates to follow.


Jen said...

Lani, you can get the modern options patinas at both Loomis (though fewer) and Michael's in BLIP. :)

baldguy420 said...

beautiful work...ian