Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thinking Blogger

I've been tagged as a thinking blogger by Eveline Maedel. Thank you Eveline, what a good idea. You can go to her blog and find five blogs she tagged, go to the person who tagged her and find more thought provoking blogs there, and I'll tag five thought provoking blogs here, so you can have a whole lot of thought provoked! A person could be lost in thought for hours.

So here are my five:
1. Riverbend's blog about life in Iraq. A totally Non-North American view of the world. One of my favorite things to do is read world views that are different from the world view of the place I happen to be living. It's a great way to consider the possibility that what we think of as reality might be dependent upon where we live.
2. Juan Cole is a professor of Modern Middle East and South Asian History in the History Department at the University of Michigan. If you are attached to conservative or neo-conservative thinking you might want to avoid this blog.
3. Keri Smith has lots of art and thoughts. Good stuff.
4. Layers of Meaning is Serena Fenton's blog, full of art, design, and ideas... layers of meaning.
5. Art for Housewives is Cynthia Korzekwa's very thoughtful blog, also full of art. She says "make art, not trash." Lot's of great art and craft and life ideas here.

I could go on... but it's dinner time and all you are supposed to do is tag five so have fun thinking!

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