Friday, June 15, 2007

Coping Kits with wax and gold leaf

OK, how does it go, "Hi, my name is Lani and I am a Coping-Kit-Aholic? I can't stop with these little containers. Now they have more stuff on them, they are closer to being finished. Here are some of them on a shelf waiting for their artful coping contents.

The one on the left or the middle one (I haven't decided) are the 14 Secrets Coping Kit Round Robin and the one on the right is a Creativity - Mind Energy Tin. It will hold a small amount of watercolor paper and pen.

Here's my 14 Secrets altar with Carol Moore's garden flowers and a Paperwhimsy image.

Here's the inside of the altar, little bottles of blessings of all kinds and a larger version of the Paperwhimsy girl.

Jodie Foster, one of our Coping Kit players has promised me a tin or two to play with, oh boy oh boy oh boy!

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