Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Gift of Story

Collage by Lani

Here's a quote for you from Darlene over at 14 Secrets.

I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and you laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.
-Clarissa Pinkola Estes

And Adela reminded me of where you can find collections of compelling and inspiring stories. This repository offers its inspiration with the simple hope of spreading more goodness in the world. They have no copyrights, so feel free to read, share and distribute.

There you will find links to Nipun's blog and Guri's blog. Here's a quote from them:

"Convinced that good is everywhere, we are walking in India, headed 'South' to find that good. At one level, we're profiling ordinary and extra-ordinary heroes so others know about them. At another level, we have left our homes and comforts in America to cultivate our own hearts, to develop our vision to see the good in all life. It's a journey, without a destination."

Now isn't that just lovely!? Don't you want to cultivate your own heart? And here are a few related websites for more heart cultivation:
Inspiring videos with be-the-change actions!
Inspiration, action, and tools & references is a collection of in-depth interviews with with artists from all walks of life. Our print magazine, works & conversations, is run on a gift-economy basis. What is a Gift Economy?

A gift economy is an economic system in which goods and services are given freely, rather than traded. In a market economy, one can hoard one's goods without losing wealth; indeed, wealth is increased by hoarding -- although we generally call it 'saving'. In contrast, in a gift economy, wealth is decreased by hoarding, for it is the circulation of the gifts within the community that leads to increase--- increase in connections, increase in relationship strength.

Carrying no advertising, making the entire texts of past interviews available on-line without charge, and not charging any subscription for our print magazine, ours is an experiment to be the "gift economy" change that we wish to see in the world. Starting 2007, our costs are covered entirely by unsolicited donations by like-hearted friends.

"All I have produced before the age of seventy is not worth taking into account. At seventy-three I have learned a little about the real structure of nature, of animals, plants, trees, birds, fishes and insects. In consequence when I am eighty, I shall have made still more progress. At ninety I shall penetrate the mystery of things; at one hundred I shall certainly have reached a marvelous stage; and when I am a hundred and ten, everything I do, be it a dot or a line, will be alive." -- Hokusai
Thoughtful weekly inspiration from a variety of wisdom traditions. has smiles and kindness stories from around the world.
Very interesting daily good news articles.

That should keep you busy for a while.

If you were wondering about the collage, the child's face came from a tintype, scanned at about 400 % with dense pixels (300). I had been looking at Nina Bagley's blog and she had a link to her friend Judy's blog. While there (and I was lost there for a day or two, very rich in story and image!) I found an image of Esther which intrigued me. How was it done? It looked like a face superimposed on concrete... so I thought I might try my hand and something similar. Thank you Judy for the inspiration!

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