Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mini Tutorial & more links and inspiration

Playing with photoshop and the wonderful digital stuff from Robyn England at Scrap Artist.
Oh yes, thank you Robyn and do visit these links for some great ideas for collage and scrapbooking, too.
So here's my little tutorial for creating background papers for your collage work. I took a couple of Robyn's "EZ ATC - Oriental Flare" papers and layered them, and making easy layer slightly translucent by hitting the "luminosity" button in the layers description list. Then I used an overlay sheet and a postcard all in this little package of delightful digital Asian materials.

OK, there you go, and I sure hope I used my digital scraps appropriately! I had a lot of fun. Thank you Robyn.

Now here are some more great links for you. First of all my buddy jaihn has been very busy so go to her website and look at all the great links and uncoverings she has come up with from great downloadable music to the wisdom of the grandmothers. It's all there in her last two posts!

Then Art Heals has their latest newletter out for your perusal.

In it there's an interview with eco artist Lynne Hull. Here's a quote:

"I believe that the creativity of artists can be applied to real world problems and can have an effect on urgent social and environmental issues. I am increasingly aware that the greatest challenge faced by other species is the need for change in human values and attitudes toward conflicting rights, wants, and needs. I hope my work offers models for equitable solutions."
-Lynne Hull

For lots of royalty free, public domain, stock photos go to PD There you will find everything from a full moon to a Gulf Coast dinner. Here's one from New Orleans Metairie cemetery.

Do you know Tom's Truth Nuggets? A lovely blog full of perfect little nugget sized bits of wisdom. He believes that truth and wisdom is all around us and in us. "We each have our own little knotholes on the universe. By combining all our highest, clearest visions of what we see through our respective knotholes, we can create a much more complete and accurate awareness of the nature of life." Have a look.

And do you know the stunning socially aware work of photographer Chris Jordan? See the Katrina's Wake images. Very beautiful and very moving.

And finally there's Craftivity at SuperNaturale, "an independent site dedicated to the Do It Yourself culture in all its glorious forms. From simple afternoon home improvement projects to radical lifestyle choices- we love them all. We celebrate ingenuity, creativity and the handmade." Here you will find books, forums, craft instructions, socially aware frugality, and a lot of delightful links.

Have fun and make some art today!


jaihn said...

Thank you for including truly spacious in Lani's Treasure Trove!
yumyum such a lot of good food here!

Karen said...

Hi there,
Since you seem to enjoy vintage images, I thought you might be interested in my web site. I have hundreds of free images available for you to use in your art work. They are all in the public domain. You can find them here: Public Domain Images. Maybe you can find something useful.

Lani Gerity said...

Oh, wow, thanks Karen!
You are going in my next Blog entry!