Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spring Gifts (it's still spring here)

When Elizabeth Pass isn't riding her bike or working for the Board of Ed., she's taking pictures like this! Wow! Thank you Elizabeth!

More gifts. Adela sent me a link to this great article in the New York Times about Art, Anonymity, and Rugs. Great article and do look those lovely rugs!

Another website from Adela and Artella is a wild one on what you can do with crochet! Who knew? Coral reefs and all.

On the art-e-zine yahoo group Denise Hunter posted this flickr site for copyright free scanned images for collage. It's amazing, a treasure trove! And Art-E-Zine itself has gifts for you if you make a donation to keep up the bandwidth also very much worth checking out!

If you are interested in Art Journaling there's a great article on Keri Smith's soon to be released book Wreck This Journal. Read all about it here. You can download the article or the whole electronic magazine LAB issue 01.

If you are interested in zines or having a group work on a zine there's a great Guidebook for Zine Project full of perfect prompts and wonderful ideas. It's from Colorado State University and you can down load it here.

And then from Joe Riley of Panhala comes this image and poem. I've got to get out in my kayak... when it stops raining... if it stops raining.
Ten Years Later

When the mind is clear
and the surface of the now still,
now swaying water

slaps against
the rolling kayak,

I find myself near darkness
paddling again to Yellow Island.

Every spring wildflowers
cover the grey rocks.

Every year the sea breeze
ruffles the cold and lovely pearls
hidden in the center of the flowers

as if remembering them
by touch alone.

A calm and lonely, trembling beauty
that frightened me in youth.

Now their loneliness
feels familiar, one small thing
I've learned these years,

how to be alone,
and at the edge of aloneness
how to be found by the world.

Innocence is what we allow
to be gifted back to us
once we've given ourselves away.

There is one world only,
the one to which we gave ourselves
utterly, and to which one day

we are blessed to return.

~ David Whyte ~

(House of Belonging)

Last but never, ever least there's a rich treasure trove over at jaihn's Truly Spacious. So many things see from Tarot to the Indigenous Grandmothers.

But it is REALLY RAINING so I think instead of kayaking I'll either take the pups for a walk/swim or I'll work on some digital collage with all my new collage elements!
collage by Lani


jaihn said...

Ohhhh that David Whyte fellow knows how to do the Words Thing, huh?
Thank you dearest Lani (batwoman) for giving this poem 2day.

How I love Kyaks.
You have a Real One? Phwoaartrrrr again.


Lani Gerity said...

Thanks jaihn and yes it's a real kayak, my HMS Chili Pepper.

Adela wants you all to know about the amazing, strange, odd rules about copyright which you can read about here:

Also if you are curious about flickr's censorship struggles please see: