Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Altercations, Ann Arbor, Friends, Family, Wabi-Sabi Art & Fairy Gifts; I can't wait!

A wabi-sabi fairy gift collage by Lani

Getting ready for Ann Arbor and Altercations the Altered Art Conference! Check them out!
Don't miss it if you live in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio or Illinois. Oh, or even Iowa! Here's the list of teachers: Shari Beaubien, Linda Duvall, Donna Engstrom, Lani Gerity, Charlene Jacobsen, Thomas Mann, Bheki Naylor, Lauren Nwachukwu, Karen O'Neal, Dana Peters, Kristin Steiner, and Cheryl Strait. I'll be visiting with my two favorite sisters, one of my favorite brothers-in-law, two of the sweetest niece/nephew you could ever want to be related to AND some of my very favorite ArtFest pals. Oh, I can't wait.

We'll visit all the new fairy doors and see how things are doing for the Urban Fairies. I can't wait to see Jonathan Wright's book Who's Behind the Fairy Doors (with my niece's art work inside - got to get their autographs!). Then there's the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair! Oh, my, what fun.

And did I mention my favorite bead store in Ann Arbor? Or Hollander's store, a book binders' delight?

Want to come along?


Ellen Lyn said...

Oh, I soooo wish I was going! I just read the description of your class on the Altercations' web site and it sounds like a ton of fun!! Have a great time and hug Kim and Jenny for me!!!
Hugs to you, too!

Lani Gerity said...

Thanks Ellen.
I sure hope I get there. My flight was canceled due to weather and so I don't leave until tomorrow.
Hope they don't cancel tonight again.
And who flies on Friday the 13th?
I'll hug Kim and Jenny for ya!