Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to make an Urban Fairy Gifts Altered Board Book

Look for a child’s board book that’s the size and shape you would like. Prep it by pealing away the images. Alternately you can sand and gesso your pages. You can leave the book intact or separate the pages.

Start collecting images and background papers which you feel the Urban Fairies might enjoy being a part of. (After much consideration of the life style of the Urban Fairies of Ann Arbor, my thoughts went to wild landscapes, flowers, rivers, windows, light, color, multicultural fairies, and of course chocolate.)

Supply List:
* Prepared board book (peeled, roughed up, sanded,
or painted with gesso), or even a variety of unmatched
board book pages.
*Awl to put holes in the board book pages.
* Your favorite scrapbook papers with an ancient,
distressed, vintage feel or a fairy tale feel.
*Old family photos, vintage cabinet cards, postcards,
favorite quotes, bits of old books, favorite recipes,
(lovely old images and lovely old text) and of course
wings. Fairies need wings.
* 1-2 yards thin but sturdy ribbon for binding, and other
fibers for embellishing .
* Eyelets, eyelet setter, small hammer. (Memory Makers
has these)
* Bench block for hammering eyelets - the blocks are
handy for this. A good, lightweight one for traveling can
be ordered from http://volcanoarts.biz/
* Cutting mat, exacto knife, scissors, ruler.
* PVA glue (good, quick drying, holds paper very well) –
can also be ordered from volcano arts.
* Paintbrush or void credit card for glue, cup for water,
paper towels.
* Small palm-sized square of fine grit sandpaper.
* Fine-tipped pen.
* A few colored pencils and oil pastels or oil crayons for
aging and distressing.
* favorite ink pad & sponge to distress and age things.

Start creating your collages, backgrounds first. They should
be beautiful and something you would imagine a fairy might

Now create fairies from your favorite images of people
or pets. Don't forget to give them wings.

Then study the resulting fairy and background. What does
this fairy need? Provide it. That is your gift to the fairies.
This process should be a quiet and meditative process, a
dialogue with your inner artist.

The results will surprise you! They surprised us in Ann Arbor!

And I'd like to thank Lindsay, Nell, Lois, Lucia, Mary, Robert, and Kim for letting me take pictures while they worked.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Lani. I am so happy I looked at your blog today! I especially like the page of the woman who used a cat to make a fairy with. I would have never thought to use an animal as a fairy. People are so imaginative. You, of course, are wonderful!

Bill Charlebois

Lani Gerity said...

Why thank you Bill! I love doing these workshops because it really is so much fun to see the directions in which things can go! I just love our imaginations!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! May I ask where one can find lovely images for this sort of thing? Like the butterflies wings, vintage figures, etc.?

We are moving and my entire art room is packed away. I only left out my supplies for needle felting - but sometimes I miss being able to just go in and pull out something to begin a different kind of project (I guess I'm eclectic when it comes to my art).

Anyway, I just loved the colors and images - just what I need to see today! =)

Lani Gerity said...

Butterfly wings and vintage images.
I had asked participants to bring images that they were drawn to and to bring wings from any source.

Personally, I love Paper Whimsy!