Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gifts, Prospect Lobster Dinner, and Cape Breton.

Aug. 22, 2007 photocollage by Lani with quote by Carol Moore

What a lovely gift filled day yesterday was! Thank you EVERYONE for all the lovely e-gifts and e-cards. What fun. So here's a few gifts that I can share:

You can make a slide show like this by clicking on the "make your own" button. I saw this slide show format on Red Velvet and thought it was perfect for my collages. Judy's work on Red Velvet is inspiring and totally captivating - do go see it immediately!

So yesterday I got a free Tarot Reading from which is always a fun thing to do for starting out a new adventure or new year.

Digital Scrapbook Place sent me a voucher for a free pack of designer papers & ephemera. Pretty cool. So I used them right away in the above photocollage with candles (and the candles came from a i-card from jaihn, thank you jaihn!)

Jaihn also sent a link for lots of freebies for artists! Woo hoo!!! Thank you jaihn!

It was a great day, so thanks to all who contributed!

For those who were curious about how Prospect's Lobster Dinner went, I have a link to Joan Sinden's blog DogKisser for you! Joan also has a website called Charlie loves Halifax, all about dog friendly places in Halifax, good food advice, parks advice, and everything dog & Halifax related. A great resource. Thanks Joan!

And for those who were curious about the Bergamasco Boys vacation in Cape Breton the highlights for the dogs were a beautiful bull moose with fuzzy antlers, a very large and very dead tuna that Prospero found and proceeded to roll in before we caught him. Needless to say Prospero lost some length to his dreadlocks. And of course there were the highland cattle which both boys love!!! And we found another eagle feather. Our highlights were Fort Louisbourg (which doesn't allow dogs but there's a dog sitter in town) and talking with all the historic interpretors and Gampo Abbey and their tour with a young novice and of course staying in Cheticamp with our friend Mary! Thank you Mary!

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jaihn said...

A Lovely Post, Lani!
Thank you for thank you's, (you're very welcome),
and for allsorts.