Friday, August 10, 2007

Links and Inspiration

Collage by Lani

Got my Arts and Healing newsletter and it had a truly not-to-be-overlooked wonderful link for Traci Teraoka and Kate Strasburg's exquisite website and meaningful work designing healing spaces to help ease the suffering of those going through health crises or major life transitions. Their nonprofit, called Healing Environments produces free publications of exquisite quality and design that truly lighten the spirit. Titled A Light in the Mist, each issue addresses a different topic such as memoir, transformation, story, music and more. You can find them all archived on their web site at They also have applied their gifts to help create healing spaces in hospices, homes and in their own office space in San Francisco, CA. If you are at all interested in the idea of creating an ameliorative environment in which to work or live with beauty and grace, then this website will delight you. Actually the whole website feels like an amazingly nurturing environment filled with wonderful ideas and gifts, so if you are feeling a bit over-extended and you'd like some relief of a creative, generous nature, then this is your website.

You can read an interview of these two women in the
Art Heals newsletter in which they explain how they came to collaborate, infusing environments, website and publications with a sense of comfort, stability, history, and transcendence. (Just delightful)

Here are a few quotes to tempt you to take a look.
Our space at Healing Environments is
filled with healing art. What do we mean
by “healing” art? Healing art is art which
enables the viewer to transcend his pain
(whether emotional or physical) by connecting
him to a sense of the universal. This connection
is both grounding and comforting. It presents a larger
context in which the viewer feels supported and sustained.
Traci Teraoka and Kate Strasburg

If we can say that grace is a sense of connection with the sacred within and around us, we may see how, impossible as it may sometimes seem, tragedy holds
the seeds of grace. And we see, too, that grace may not always be pleasant but it always brings us closer to our true heart.
Stephen Levine

The process of wounding awakens us to our strength. It shuffles
our values, and the top priority is never what you thought it
would be. It's never about perfection or power. It always turns
out to be about love.
Rachel Naomi Remen

Other nice links for you:
The Catalyst Magazine
with articles on a healthy life & a healthy planet. Check out the green Burning Man article.

Free binaural sounds. I can't tell who's put together this collection but it's seriously binaural (read more about binaural sounds by typing it into the blog search box) and very good for psyche and spirit.

Pasticcio Zine Issue 1, a zine by Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn. It is a one of a kind art magazine filled with plenty of artwork, informative and entertaining articles. Includes a gallery of artists and a plethora of imagery. 52 full color pages. I can't wait for my copy to arrive.

Angela Cartwright's Blogspot.

Sarah Fishburn's Blogspot.

If you have global warming blues, concerns and anxiety, Joanna Macy has some very interesting spiritual/ecological practices here.

Now I better go pack for the Bergamasco Boy's big adventure. We are all heading up to Cape Breton tomorrow for a week of fun with the boys.


windy angels said...

Hoping you have a great time at cape Breton. Thanks for all the links.

William Charlebois said...

Gee, thanks. Now I ordered Pasticcio Zine Issue 1, and I can look forward to my wife hitting me over the head because of it!