Monday, October 15, 2007

"How to fall in love with the Earth again" happiness challenge!

Collages by Lani with Gioia's photos and some of Lani's in Wales.

Try this:
Find an area of earth that is without noticeable human intervention. This could be in a forest, in a corner of a park or urban garden. Create a gift for the earth, something beautiful, made by you with what ever you find at hand. Stones, sticks, grasses, moss... Make art or a fairy dwelling or a shrine or altar. This exercise works really well if you are a child, a child-at-heart, or you are accompanied by a child! Have fun.

For more blogs featuring environmental posts please see jaihn's blog which is FULL of inspiration today and Blog Action Day!


jaihn said...

Lovely slideshow Lani!
Thanks for the link, too.

Judy said...

You are amazing with the slide shows - fabulous stuff.!!!

Bill Charlebois said...

Lani, I love the picture of the tree making an arch! Would you be able to share that picture? I'd love to make a fairy world with it.

Have a great day,

Lani Gerity said...

I'd be honored for you to use my arching tree!
Have fun!