Friday, October 19, 2007

Simple pleasures to brighten your day...

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Simple Pleasures to Brighten Your Day from Zen Habits, a very interesting blog.

Every Thursday is Happiness Day on Zen Habits, so the Thursday blog is always something which will promote happiness.

A simple thing that Leo Babauta (the author of the blog) likes to do to make his days more pleasant is to find those little, ordinary pleasures and sprinkle them throughout his day.

So in the morning, he might have a cup of coffee, and sip it slowly to enjoy it fully while watching the sun come up, and marveling at the world in pastel hues.

For breakfast, he might put berries on his cereal, savoring each one, closing his eyes. These are all little things that don’t cost much, but they are deeply satisfying. He thought a list of simple pleasures that might spark ideas from readers. So here are a few of Leo Babauta's simple pleasures.

1. Berries.
2. Walking barefoot in grass.
3. Listening to good music in the car.
4. Taking a long, relaxing shower.
5. Coffee.
6. A good novel.
7. Popcorn and an old movie on DVD.
8. The smell of fresh-cut grass.
9. Watching the sunrise.
10. Walking on the beach.
11. Yoga or stretching or meditation.
12. Snuggling in bed with your partner.
13. Watching the sunset.
14. Hugging your child tightly.
15. Good wine.
16. Dark chocolate.
17. Dancing like you’re crazy.
18. A long conversation with a good friend.
19. Being lazy on a Sunday.
20. Waking to a clean house.
21. An uncluttered room.
22. Singing in the shower, loudly.
23. Dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles.
24. Watching your child play.
25. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.
26. Helping someone in need.
27. Making someone smile.
28. A nature hike.
29. Watching the stars.
30. Making a sandcastle.
31. Floating in the water.
32. Taking an afternoon nap.
33. Serving your spouse a surprise breakfast in bed.
34. Watching your children on Christmas morning.
35. Looking up at clouds.
36. Watching the ocean.
37. Getting a massage.
38. Iced green tea.
39. Taking a hot bath.
40. Blowing bubbles.
41. A gentle breeze.
42. The smell of a new Moleskine notebook.
43. A fresh snow.
44. Swinging on a swing.
45. Watching animals in nature.
46. Staying up all night talking.
47. Having a picnic.
48. Swimming at night.

What would your simple pleasures be?

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