Saturday, December 29, 2007

Healing Art Dolls (and other inspirations)

Over at our 14 secrets group a few of us are falling victim to the ice and really hurting ourselves! So Lore got the idea for a healing doll swap! Excellent idea.

So here are some links and ideas to consider when you create your healing art doll:

Pamela Hastings does transformative art doll workshops and has a great book on the subject. I really liked this book and not just because I have a chapter in it.

Barb Kobe has a lot of information on her website for healing art dolls. Lots of inspiration.

Want to read more? Please visit the 14 Secrets Blogspot.

And now for some other inspiration:

Hungryghosts*r*us always has some interesting links and ideas.

Have you visited Inspire Me Thursday lately? A new challenge every Thursday and check out their links page. Fantastic links!

And Illustration Friday has an illustration challenge ever Friday.

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