Saturday, December 15, 2007

Links and Inspiration

Collage by Lani

As the days in December seem to speed up, and as all the advertising on the radio, tv, newspaper, and even my inbox becomes more intense(buy this now, right away, quick, your last chance, are you sure you have gotten everything for everyone on your list, why not get this just for you, you deserve it), and of course as we all become more tense and as blood pressure rises - I feel the need to oppose, to say whoa, stop, let's just light a candle and breathe. I'm going to dig out "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens and read it next to our wood burning stove, with the candles lit. Maybe I'll bake cookies, maybe plumb pudding, meanwhile I have some links and inspiration here for all of us!

14 Secrets Blogspot has some delightful material, stress reducing ideas from Gioia and poetry from Carol.

Hungryghosts*r*us also has some lovely treasure.

Do you want to inspire your daily drawing habit? Try these links:

Inspiring daily drawings by Elizabeth Perry.

Danny Gregory says "All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Drawing." He has a lot of great articles on his website, another one being "book binding 101" and he has a great links list.

Inspiring travel art journaling. Beautiful things here.

Do you know Krisoferstrom's drawings? What fun!

Then for a shot of simplicity and frugality don't forget:
You will find an article on de-cluttering the mind and gift suggestions from readers that will help us improve our lives, that don't cost a whole lot ($20-under gifts would be good, but $10-under is even better).

Is time management an issue for you this season? Here's a free eBook:

Binaural sounds can help you focus, help you reduce stress, help you live a happier life, and much more. And Holosync has a free demo for you.

Do you like story telling? Here are two NPR links for you. Delightful!
NPR's Story Corps

And NPR's This I believe:

And finally, do you know Learning Strategies? They are offering a very sweet package of guided meditations live, a kind of Tele-class with six different teachers on six different days, and a brand new book from Marci Shimoff, Happy For No Reason, all for $28. I know this sounds like an advertisement but you know I would have bought the book by itself and now there's all these guided meditations to go with it! Care to join me?
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jaihn said...

I find myself thinking of this post in moments when those frantic emails or ads pour in. Thank you!
Mmm that baking smells Nice..

Judy said...

Nice Collage - love the layers - is that the lomo effect?

Lani Gerity said...

Not lomo, old photo, scanned and then layers of stuff in photoshop.
I guess that would make it a photoshop collage?