Friday, December 07, 2007

Thoughts from my In-box

I got the most thought provoking emails in my in-box the past few days. From Tricycle I got a Joseph Goldstein quote:
It is essential that our understanding be translated into practice, not with an idealistic vision that we suddenly will become totally loving and compassionate, but with a willingness to be just who we are and to start from there. Then our practice is grounded in the reality of our experience, rather than based on some expectation of how we should be.
- Joseph Goldstein
The quote went on a bit but that piece jumped out at me. Don't we usually focus on our idealistic vision and then struggle to get there, never quite making, always a little disappointed in ourselves? I like this idea of starting with what you have and who you are. Sometimes we are so caught up in the idealistic vision we may not even know what we have or who we are.

And then there was this Anne Morrow Lindbergh from Nipun Menta:
A good relationship has a pattern like a dance and is built on some of the same rules. The partners do not need to hold on tightly, because they move confidently in the same pattern, intricate but gay and swift and free, like a country dance of Mozart's. To touch heavily would be to arrest the pattern and freeze the movement, to check the endlessly changing beauty of its unfolding. There is no place here for the possessive clutch, the clinging arm, the heavy hand; only the barest touch in passing. Now arm in arm, now face to face, now back to back -- it does not matter which. Because they know they are partners moving to the same rhythm, creating a pattern together, and being invisibly nourished by it.

The joy of such a pattern is not only the joy of creation or the joy of participation, it is also the joy of living in the moment. Lightness of touch and living in the moment are intertwined.
--Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Good image, dancing to Mozart, no clutching or clinging, just lightness of touch and living in the moment. (Good music helps.)

And if you click on a link to learn more about Nipun Menta this is what you find:
A time comes when life's invitation to explode into the stillness of a new dimension becomes irresistable. You close your eyes, jump head-first into the abyss of the unknown and voila! You land safely in the cradle of the inner-net.

My life is an attempt to bring smiles in the world and silence in my heart. I want to live simply, love purely, and give fearlessly. That's me, Nipun Mehta.

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