Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The 14th Secret

Over at 14 Secrets we did an altered book round robin. Lore had found a great old board book on dinosaurs which she very kindly donated to my art room. Thank you Lore. Since the first book had gone missing somewhere in Michigan, I thought this one should have a little Art Therapy MOJO, so I found this old photo of Edith Kramer as a child and started the book. The 14th secret of the 14 Secrets for a Happy Artists Life has to do with creating your own list of secrets for a happy life. So participants were asked to do a page on their favorite secret or secrets. And now it's home, making me very happy! Thank you Carol, Lore, Christine, Gioia, Jan, Joyce, Maria, Dee and Adela for contributing a surprise concluding page.

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theunfinishedflower said...

Oh, this is very lovely !!! I just adore the color green!