Sunday, February 10, 2008

Accessibility vs. Georges de la Tour taste

Painting by George de la Tour
What can I tell you, I like candle light, rooms dimly lit, mysterious paintings with faces lit by candles and awe. I loved the big old temples of my childhood, also dimly lit, incense burning, the Buddha or Kwan Yin gazing downward with suggestions of smiles on their lips. The thing about these early childhood experiences in art and culture was you could make up your own story about what you were seeing. I loved doing that, trying to figure it all out, knowing that I'd never really know. So naturally when it comes to blogging and website design I've been remiss and not very thoughtful for people who might not feel the same way that I do about places dimly lit. So now I'm feeding this blog and the 14 Secrets Blog into a SuperGlu website where the lighting is bright, the words stand out in black from a light background with at least 70% contrast. If you are reading this from the dimness of Lani Puppetmaker's Blog Spot you can always click on the link at the top right hand corner to find the more accessible SuperGlu site.
You can read more about visual accessibility here.

Old postcards fiddled with in PhotoShop by Lani

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