Monday, February 04, 2008

The Immediacy Principle

Collage by Lani

"Immediate experience is everything. I will seek to overcome barriers that stand between myself and the recognition of my inner life, the reality of those around me, participation in society, and contact with the more than human world."

I'm going to play with these principles of the Burning Man web site, because they make so much sense. The best moments in life are the ones where that inner chatter, the monkey mind, just drops away and you are in the moment, experiencing everything around you with a feeling of your heart being wide open. So what ever will move me towards those experiences... well I'm all for them.

Adela sent me a couple of links the other day which I believe are perfect for this immediacy principle. Do you know about the slow food movement, or Adbusters Slow Down Week? There's a rebellion brewing about the fast pace of life today. So here are Adela's links: Slow Time: Recovering the Natural Rhythm of Life by Waverly Fitzgerald is a wonderful book, which you can either download of purchase through But this website offers the Introduction as a free PDF file so you can read some of it for yourself. Very thoughtful. She has a wonderful stories and exercises to help the reader become more aware of their own natural rhythms. She has a great story about how she was preparing for a class, writing her lecture the day of the class (panic, panic) and she looked out the window and saw a crow hopping along the street being pursued by a cat. In the process of saving the crow, she stood with the crow as her daughter fed it, then continued watching the crow with a friend. Finally another friend arrived and took the crow away, having always wanted a pet crow. So she ended up having a little crow adventure and never got the lecture written.
Although I had spent a fraction of the time I thought necessary in preparation, the class went as well as any other and the students loved the story of how I spent my afternoon. My encounter with the crow shifted the way I perceived time. I realized that I was not making any progress, trying to corral time into neat little boxes on my schedule. Time was much more fluid and mysterious than I had imagined.

She's also got a wonderful website all about "living in season." You'll find lots of information here about senses, time, seasons, nature based holidays, and amazing links. She also has a blog with all her current activities.

So as part of my adopting the immediacy principle, I'm going to get slow starting right now! Stay turned.

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