Friday, February 29, 2008

More on art retreats and art parties.

I put forward an invitation on 14 secrets yahoo group suggesting that if folks are interested in creating mini art retreats for themselves and their friends like our first annual Lost Sisters Art Retreat and Reunion they should join us at the Lost Sisters Art Retreat and Reunion Yahoo Group. My thinking is that this is a great place to keep information and to share ideas about art retreats we have attended, have created, or would wish to create.

Some of us have experienced Teesha Moore's ArtFest and have then gone on to create a sweet little retreat in Nova Scotia. Some of us felt that Nova Scotia is really beautiful and wonder-filled but really far to come.

So I got to thinking what if Long Lost Sisters created mini retreats all over the place and they talked about it here and you could find out if there was one near you or if there were folks wanting to make art in your area. One of my ArtFest/14 Secrets buddies meets with friends in a posh hotel in Chicago (I don't think any of them are
actually from Chicago) and they art it up for a long weekend (read about it here). They share new techniques, order in, play, laugh, relax, and end up
feeling really good about themselves and each other. Now how bad can that be?

Another ArtFest/14 Secrets buddy has art parties, where after a great sounding dinner friends share art materials and ideas (which you can read about here).

So if you dreaming about making art with your long lost sisters and want to share your ideas about art parties and retreats, this group might be for you! We are just feeling our way with all this, so there's no huge expectations, just fun and joy of sisterhood and art!

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