Saturday, March 29, 2008

Continuing to prepare for ArtFest

And continuing to be distracted with Photoshop. What fun.

So here's why I like ArtFest. The first reason is it's an amazing thing to give yourself a gift of time to learn new ways of doing things, particularly if they are related to making art. If making art is one of the things you love, but feel somehow that you should be doing something else more "serious" with your time, then doing an art retreat for yourself is perfect. You realize that your everyday world seems to get along without you, and that things don't fall apart because you aren't there to pick up after everyone. This is a delightful thing to learn. It's also a learning that you can use during the year.

Another reason I like ArtFest is that you can meet so many people who adore all things artistically altered as much as you do. It's very reassuring. So many good people in the world doing such wonderful things. Just keep your eyes open and be amazed!

Another reason I like ArtFest is that everyone is so generous, from Teesha and Tracy Moore and their extended family all helping out, to all the great teachers there and of course all the new best buddies you discover where ever you go. What a blast!

And there's the art asylum, where folks from the left coast unload stuff from their art rooms. Anybody can contribute to the asylum, but it's the left coasters that can drive with a full car. So the newbies (they are called vestal virgin's) come in and are amazed by mountains of stuff and so many tables to work on, you can always find a corner to work quietly or a group of folks trying out some new technique they just learned. This is definitely a cool place to explore.

Another great thing is it's on the left coast where the coffee is amazing!

But if I were to boil it down to what I took home with me last year, it was that there's a tremendous value in taking time for your inner artist. If you are careful and keep your eyes and ears open, you may just meet a most astonishing person, yourself! And that's what I liked so much about ArtFest!

So back to packing for now.

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William Charlebois said...

I love your digital collages. The colors you use are often dark, so the collages have a very mysterious look to them.

I have to tell you I am very jealous you are going to Artfest. I really want to go some year. I love Teesha and Tracy Moore's work. Teesha's journal pages are exactly what I feel my mind looks like inside! I have all of her Art & Life zines, and many of their stamps. What fun!

I hope to be mailing you out the copy of the zine I promised. I've had major printing issues, but my printer seems to be behaving itself right now. We'll see.

Happy Artfesting!
Bill Charlebois