Monday, March 24, 2008

Preparing for ARTFEST!!!

Getting ready for my second year at ArtFest! All my little charms and moo cards are in their bags, my metal objects are ready to go for Michael DeMeng's class, and I've got book boards and ephemera for L K Ludwig and Nina Bagley's classes. At some point the excitement becomes dizzying. Distractions rise up so I start packing and collecting what I need and then I have to finish something else (like the pink crown for 14 Secrets)and of course the cats want to help with everything but most especially with fluffy pink stuff and Edward whats to know about my bookkeeping practices right now (HA!), my photoshop upgrade to CS3, and so I need to stop and take a breath. "Just be with your breath," says Eckhart Tolle. "Am I still breathing?" I ask myself. "Give your mind a break!" says Eckhart. And my mind eases up.

Here's a suggestion from Eckhart, to help with the spinning, dizzying monkey mind activity (like when you are trying to pack for ArtFest while thinking about sixty other things you need to do all at once):

Try this outside in a quiet, natural setting. Sit with a rock, or watch some clouds, or watch water running over a stream bed. Ask yourself: Am I still breathing? What are the sounds around me? What do I see? What do I hear? What do I smell? What can I touch? Isn't that lovely? He says it can work with a flower or houseplant too. And Oprah described sitting under some trees with a quiet mind, just feeling the presence of the trees and herself with the trees.

Did I mention the distraction of the pink crown? Here it is and I promise it goes in the mail tomorrow:
Did I mention the distraction of Photoshop CS3? Here's the beginnings of a collage. I'll continue to play with layers and textures with this image and see what happens.

Adela, the one who has instigated my trip into all things flickr, photoshoped, layered, and textured, sent this wonderful poem from Sana Kaur.

A flickr inspired wish by Sana Kaur, Brampton, CANADA:

May the wondering never die
May I always marvel at the vastness of the sky
May the bewilderment always remain
Let the heart joy at every droplet of rain
May amazement keep its thrill forever
Let me have the zest to never pass an endeavour
To celebrate the plain joys of life
To smile and laugh with rife
May I never cease to admire
And never quit this passionate fire
Of inquiring into the complexity of the simply beautiful things
Let everything in this world inspire
Me to be ever so new to this world
Let this earth, its people leave me beguiled
May I always have the eyes of a child.

Thank you Adela! I am beguiled!

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Clarissa Callesen said...

Thank you for your sweet trade at Artfest! I love the picture of the vintage lil girl with the big ears. She is the best!