Monday, March 03, 2008

Some Fun and Links

Collage by Lani (background from Adela's textures for layers which she kindly shares under creative commons - Thank you Adela!!!)

Do you know about Thing-A-Day? This website is full of the creative efforts of artists and creators of all types and backgrounds who agreed to join in a collective creative sprint and create a thing-a-day. Everyone who signs up commits to making one thing (project, sketch, exercise) per day and shares it on this collective blog. They recommend that you should be spending an average of 20 minutes a day (which matches the psychoimmunologists recommendation for an adult daily requirement for creative time).

And if your creative juices need a little boost, there's something fun going on over at Paul Williams website. He's got an idea sandbox that you can dig in. He says if you are looking for a solution to a specific problem, go to his sand box and play. Click on the sandbox and you will find a suggestion. Try it or click again for another approach! Thank you Paul, very generous. If you want his not too frequent newsletter, it's really very clever, and won't fill up your in-box with annoyance.

So here's my background paper from Adela's textures for layers. Feel free to click on it, download, and play with it. And don't forget to show me what you do with it!

PS - Something jaihn reminded me, there's a free class going on over at Oprah's website! Oprah and Eckart Tolle are collaborating and working with his book A New Earth; Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. Read all about it on jaihn's blog and we'll see you there tonight!

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jaihn said...

Thank you for passing it on, Lani.

Seems like we and the others from 139 countries are straining the system a little tonight.
It's probably teething troubles, so to speak - first night glitches - and how exciting that hundreds of thousands of folk want to do this together!

It's available to view tomorrow in archive...