Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jen's Challenge

While I was away at ArtFest and in NY and NJ, I was not able to get on line too much. In fact very little. However, what I noticed was I was way more productive, lots more art was happening, which of course always feels most excellent. So this picture is from a challenge for Jen Worden who lives down the road from me here in Nova Scotia and who I met up with at ArtFest! (That was a bit of a mind boggle, sitting in Michael DeMeng's class with Jen, both of us coming from the other side of the continent!!!) So the challenge was to find three words in "today's newspaper" or junk mail. First I found 3 words, "create" "fabulous" and "art" and then I got to work with some paper and an image of an older sister holding her younger sister. Soon I was finding my words too large for the imagery, so I got a new piece of junk mail and found more that 3 words, but they fit in a kind of tryptic frame and I thought fair enough. I'm never too great with directions and the process is the thing anyway, so this is the result "Bringing contemplative art to life."


Stacy Alexander said...



William Charlebois said...

Your picture is extraordinary! Everything about it is perfect.


Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Stacy and Bill!!!