Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mental Detox week - April 21-27

Here's a video of kids watching TV by Godfrey Reggio, director of Koyaanisqatsi.
A person doesn’t need to say much more than that! But there IS more if you look on Adbusters!

What touched me was the "Ideas" section. There are some triumphant stories there and also a lot of sadness with the realization that we generally spend so much time in a virtual world without much real contact with others and with the More-Than-Human environment.

Robert from San Jose is a high school teacher. He encouraged all of his classes to participate in Mental Detox week with him. At least fifty of his students cut back, at least by half, the average twelve hours a day they spend online, watching TV, texting, playing video games, or listening to their i-Pod. So what were students doing with their now free time? They played with their younger siblings, went to (and really noticed) their local parks, finished all of their homework, and, most importantly, got some sleep. [are kids today sleep deprived? That could be a problem.] Every student who participated said that this experience changed their lives [and the week isn't over yet] and the way they see their world.
"The most memorable moment came on the 21st when a student shared that normally he wears his headphones as he travel between classes during the passing period. On that day, he did not, and he was surprised at how many people said hello to him or asked how he was doing. Hopefully, come Monday, the students will not fall back into their old habits and remember their experiences."
Robert, San Jose

Also for ideas about unplugging your kids there's this blog:

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