Saturday, April 19, 2008

The (Red) Passion Book, an altered book for 14 Secrets.

Had fun today with this altered book! It's for a 14 Secrets round robin, on True Colors and my color is RED! So of course I think PASSION!!!

This is the inside cover and Artists' sign in page. What is your passion?
Red is also a very good color from my childhood in Taiwan, so I think my spread should be about that in someway. So here it is with a little envelope holding a red paper lantern (something we all had as kids in Taiwan)...

And here's the envelope lifted up so you can see the page under it.
And finally here's the inside of the back page:

And here's the quote from the back page.

"...great art is not a matter of a few virtuosi of the first rank. It is the result of the labours of thousands of faithful craftsmen who know that they are doomed to remain for ever outside the gates of the Paradise of Perfection, but who nevertheless will give the very best there is in them because the work they do means more to them than anything else in this world. They are the real tillers of the soil." -Hendrick Willem Van Loon

This book goes out into the mail system Monday. I hope it travels easily and passionately to all the participating artists.


Deb Silva said...

this is wonderful! how are you?

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Deb!
Why, I'm fine thank you! How about you?