Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Returned from ArtFest and heading down to NYC

Here I am with my ArtFest/LifeLongBuddies in Seattle. From left to right; Kim, Julie, Ellen, and me. (I snagged this photo from Julie.)
Here we are at the market, riding the bronze piggy. The laughter started Seattle and didn't stop until Julie dropped me off at the airport but even now I find myself chuckling over our antics. (I snagged this photo from Kim.)
The first night at ArtFest is like a feeding frenzy with trades. Hilarious good fun looking at what everyone brought and trading fast and furiously. (I snagged this photo from Kim and in this picture you can see Kim, Ellen, and Cyn) Right about at this point I lost track of my trade bag and think a couple of necklaces I had made for Carol and Lore went missing. I reckon someone thought they were trades. Alas for Carol and Lore.

I took some pictures in Nina's class, Gatherings. Oh, what a wonderful idea for shadow box books!!!
More photos from this class, the DeMeng class and from the Gallery night in my Mac album. I will be writing a bit more about the class. One of my favorite bloggers was in it and I would love to write a bit about what I learned from Judy. I need to write a bit more about Michael DeMeng's class as well as LK Ludwig. I can't believe how much I learned, how much you can do with a little bit of caulking, acrylic paints and the willingness to experiment. Lovely! I also had a wonderful little chat with Teesha Moore and I need to write out a little about that as well. So I promise to come back to this really soon.

Now I must go pack for NYC where I read that there will be rain and more rain. Oh, well, never mind, I'll be teaching most of the time.

More later.


Bill Charlebois said...

I love your DeMeng piece I looked at on your Mac site! He was scheduled to come to Ann Arbor once, but he cancelled. I would have loved to have taken his class. I also love your book from Nina's class. Wow!

Patti said...

Lani - your Mac album is incredible - I can't wait to hear more about the deMeng class, especially helpful hints on how to make the most of his workshops. Also love the book - so inspiring!
patti edmon