Monday, May 19, 2008

The Artist's Healing Journey: 12 weeks of resilience, happiness, and art journaling

Beginning this summer, I'll be doing an online course, The Artist's Healing Journey: 12 weeks of resilience, happiness, and art journaling.

I'll be using my Heroine's Journey eWorkbook which follows Joseph Campbell's heroic journey model. Participants who have worked with the Artist's Happiness Challenges can now continue their exploration of renewal and healing using art directives and the intimacy and support of a small group of artists. This eCourse will help artists create their own meaningful and restorative metaphoric journey with relaxing, restorative exercises in art and narrative as they work in their visual journals. Take the leap into joy; find and strengthen your inner hero or heroine. Join me this summer.

This eCourse features:

*The possibilities of building positive emotion and resilience through the creation of an illustrated healing journey narrative within your art journaling practice.
*A yahoo group where information and images can be stored and shared.
*Current information and research from positive psychologists.
*Weekly email lessons which will be posted on a private blogspot.
*Lots of illustrations, thought-provoking questions, support and more.

Email me for more information.

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Clarissa Callesen said...

I really appreciate the effort and energy you put into your blog and thanks for sharing the utube of Jill Bolte.

I am playing a silly blog tag game care to play along..

Ok now my turn to tag some wonderful people. So the deal is you link back to the person that tagged you then do the assignment (Which in the name of creativity, I am going to alter a bit) and then you tag seven new people and leave them a comment letting them know they have been tagged.

Assignment : I want to know 7 weird or random things about you but instead of writing them down I want you to express them through pictures. Happy playing for all..