Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mother's Day is coming soon...

"when she held out her arms, the world itself wrapped around me & held me tight"
Collage by Lani with some help from Andy McLemore, Haeretik, and flickr. Text from Brian Andreas.

If you like this strange look of depth, dust, and mystery check out Noise and Dust Through The Viewfinder (a flickr group). You will find interesting frames and lots of helpful discussion.

Through that pool I discovered Andy McLemore's work along with Haeretik's work. Very helpful!

Here's one I did with McLemore's and Haeretik's frames. I think it looks like my buddy Ellen. What do you think?

You will read a lot about TTV shots and you may wonder exactly what are they talking about. So here's another group which explains it: About Through The Viewfinder.

Through the Viewfinder photography is defined by this group as "taking a picture of any subject through the viewfinder of any camera with another camera."

You might ask why would a person take such a photo, or even how would they? I mean how many hands does it take to take a true TtV photo? I like the results on flickr and I LOVE the fakes! So thank you flickr and McLemore and Haeretik!

Any way Mother's Day is coming soon so I made the above collage and added the text from the Story People 's great Mother's Day reminder.
Now isn't that beautiful?
They said to send it as an eCard to your Mom. (I can never follow directions exactly and I am glad!!!)

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