Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Art as Witness" Conference

Mysterious Collage by Lani

As promised, here's the link for the Art as Witness, the Art Therapy Conference in Montreal: Please visit for details about who will be presenting, when, and what the cost will be. Program information is still subject to change, and registration is currently available by cheque only (Paypal registration will be made available in the next few days).

While looking into all things Montreal, I discovered this 4 minute video about a former mental patient in Quebec, now 70ish (birth date unknown), paired with a little girl in an art studio setting provided by "Les Impatients". Raphaëlle and Jean-Paul seem quite at ease. Have a look at this CBC report.

"Les Impatients" was established in 1992 to provide people (who have struggled with some form of psychiatric problems) with the opportunity to experiment spontaneous expression through varied artistic activities: drawing, painting, sculpture, music, photography. There is a free downloadable catalogue, very nicely done, here.

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