Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do you know Nancy Reyner?

This is not Nancy Rayner, but it is a collage by Lani.

Do you know Nancy Reyner, artist and author of Acrylic Revolution? If you want to know about this book, wondering how you might feel about working with acrylics or even how you feel about revolutions, check out her blog! Her latest post is about keeping everything fun, taking some rather difficult memories having to do with mean gallery owners, rejection letters, and interviews that went haywire, and created a 30 minute puppet show, including puppets of art dealers, art collectors, and artists. Can you picture it? I think Nancy Reyner is amazing, well worth looking through her list of blog entries. If you are feeling sluggish, try her Brain Gym exercises. If you need a wonderful 20 minute warm-up, try her idea of "turning up the volume on the inner voice". Excellent. And she's got so much more. Incidentally, you might have guessed it, I ended up buying the book.


art and beautiful junk said...

I have her new book. Love it. Thanks for the blog address.

Lani Gerity said...

You are welcome! I think she's great!