Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happiness by Chance!

From Jan of Bolder City's blog I learned that Raku means "happiness by chance" which I love. So I was in the bookstore the other day when the raku type feeling came over me. I'd picked up a copy of "The Principles of Uncertainty" by Maira Kalman and WOW!!!! I fell in love. Seriously! What an interesting, loving, generous world view she has, and how clearly she communicates it with words, photographs and paintings. Just lovely. I bought the book, came home and read it. Now it's done. Sigh.

So I goggled Maira Kalman and here's what I found:

Here is a very inspiring blog which featured Maira.

Here she is doing a wonderful TED talk:

And this little movie is a delightful interpretation of her illustrated version of Elements of Style by E.B. White which is next on my must find list.

Now isn't that lovely?

What would your "Principles of Uncertainty" look like if you were to put them into a book?

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Susan GT said...

Hi Lani,
I just read your interview on Artella and loved it. Long ago, I took your puppet making class through Artella when you were testing it. I made a wonderful puppet that I still cherish and sits on my desk in my studio. Where did you find those positive psychology excercise. With what my life is going through right now, I could sure use them.
Susan Gallacher-Turner