Friday, June 27, 2008

Zen, Archery, and Art Journaling!

Photocollage by Lani

Tricycle's Daily Dharma email caught my attention today.

Aiming Far

'Your arrows do not carry, observed the Master, "because they do not reach far enough spiritually. You must act as if the goal were infinitely far off. For master archers it is in fact common experience that a good archer can shoot further with a medium-strong bow than an unspiritual archer can with the strongest. It does not depend on the bow, but on the presence of mind, on the vitality and awareness with which you shoot...."

-- Eugen Herrigel, in Zen and the Art of Archery
from Everyday Mind, edited by Jean Smith, a Tricycle book

Isn't that useful to know?

Now for some more inspirational links. Do you know Samantha Kira Harding? No? Well you are in for some delightful art journaling energy heading your way. First there's her yahoo group:

This image belongs to the yahoo group. Do read the perfect text on it.

This yahoo group provides daily journal prompts, essays, and stories. It is the announcement list and such for artist/writer Samantha Kira Harding. Right now she has the Artistic Alchemy Workshop going on! "During this time, this group will be home to this workshop -- because of that, membership must be approved. Want to join in on the fun? See all the info here."

This story came from the yahoo group this morning:
Most mornings, Edy joins me in bed for a little bit of reading. I never
thought I'd be the type of person who slept with a dog in my bed, but
Edy, though her puppy curiosity and love, has taught me a great many
things about not only myself, but the world around me.

On walks, she approaches the same path with the vigor and playfulness as
she did the first time out. She wanders off to discover new things along
an old path, pulling me along for a different walk every night. I didn't
realize the importance of this lesson until last weekend, when friends
from out of town came to visit. When describing the route his GPS gave
him, he said, "The road skirted the edge of a lake." Then, I was
befuddled....what road could that possibly be?

But the other day, while driving to work, I decided to really take a
look at my route...and there was the lake! I drive this road almost
every day, have gone to a college off it, and yet, when I heard someone
new describe it, I couldn't identify it. Now, I smile as I drive by,
sunlight glinting off the small waves of this obvious but overlooked

Try taking a look at your surroundings today as though you've never been
there before. What new and exciting things can you discover when you
switch your brain off auto-pilot, stop thinking about the future, and
really soak in the present moment?

Write about this in your journal, describing your trip as you would an
exciting new vacation local. See how much wonder and inspiration is
present right under your nose.


Samantha also has some videos up on youtube with journal making, handwriting, and other delights.

And here's a little reminder that the Artist's Healing Journey begins Monday! Join us if you are able!

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