Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Altering my "Pretty Little Things"

Do you remember my Sally Jean class? Hint:
I really wanted a rustic look and happened upon my buddy Jen Worden's website. She had the greatest results using Michael DeMeng's "Uuzzhh"*. So I asked her if she thought that "Uuzzhh" was the way to go. I myself am slow to use acrylics. But her results were exactly what I was after and I couldn't argue. So I tried a q-tip with liver of sulfur with no result at all and then I mixed up some "Uuzzhh" and I'm delighted. Nice and rustic!

* Uuzzhh is Golden Acrylic paint!!! Michael DeMeng uses a wash of mars black and quinacridone gold! Easy Peasy!!! Uuzzhh is his short hand for "usual"! (I'm about to Uuzzhh up everything I own. Watch out cats, dogs, hubby!!!)

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dogfaeriex5 said...

u go lani jo!!