Saturday, July 12, 2008

Favorite Jen Lemen Wisdom So Far

Photoshop collage by Lani

Here are two of my favorite Jen Lemen postings. Just delightful.
What Catherine Taught Me or Other Thoughts on Living Bug-Free is under the category of Soul Repair Garage. What a wonderful category but the story behind it is moving, wonderful, inspiring, simple, and deep. Do read it if you have a chance. Here's an excerpt:
I’m learning now, as I began to learn way back then, that simply noticing this phenomenon is sometimes the most powerful thing you can do to get things going in a better direction. That the encouragement of friends can never hurt and that simple things–like hot cups of coffee or gingerbread cookies in bed–are acts of gentleness and kindness that can revive your confidence and remind you that what you know deep down is reliable after all.

And one more!
The Happiness of Now is on the Shuttersisters website. (Which you could do no harm to yourself by exploring, truly!) It is, as it says, about the happiness of now and more. It's short and well worth reading. Here's an excerpt:
She would not have to go anywhere else to find it ever again. It could not be contained in a person or a place or an experience or a moment. It would remain right here, right now, in her very own soul, the place where she had been reborn, the place where she could rest and wait for the very next breath to take her into the happiness of now, her truest, kindest home.

Enjoy your day now and share a little happiness. Visit the Soul Repair Garage before you really need to, that too will do no harm.


Merrikate said...

Thanks for this serendipitously magical tap on the shoulder, Lani -- just spent a healing hour in the gifted hands of Jen Lemen and her soul repair garage dimension!
At last my toes are wiggling loose from the dried mud that has kept me stuck still and static for a few weeks ... wonderful!


Lani Gerity said...

You are most welcome Merrikate!