Sunday, July 27, 2008

New links and inspiration

The other day art therapists, Nick Zwaagstra, Mehdi Naimi, and Mehdi's wife Anita Roy stopped by our little village. What a delightful afternoon of tea and conversation. I now have some new delightful links to share with you, thanks to Nick, Mehdi, and Anita.

First Nick has a very nice article in the Canadian Art Industry Magazine "Brush Stroke" which you can download here. His article begins on page 25.

The video of Mehdi on this link is very much worth watching. He puts together an art kit for doing art therapy in disasters, a very delightful idea, filling an old suitcase with puppets and art supplies in a very delectable way! Thanks Medhi!

Are you interested in brain function and exercise? Visit Posit Science for some really interesting research and if you have some cash to spare, why not spend it on your brain?

Thinking about home schooling? Here's Anita's take on the subject. We talked a lot about unschooling and if you are interested in that, there are links and support here. Unschooling led to Diaper Free Babies, which made total sense to me, since my childhood in Taiwan was fairly diaperless, if I remember correctly. Want to read more on the subject, click here.

Thinking of traveling but the cost of B&B's got you down? Consider Couch Surfing! Easier on the wallet than most things!

And here are two of their favorite artists, really fabulous, so do visit them:
Amy Rubin
Ken Flett

And finally they introduced us (Edward and I) to poet, Shane Koyczan, a master of the spoken word and a delight to listen to and watch. Here's my favorite poem so far (warning, it may leave you breathless):

So thank you Nick, Mehdi, and Anita! We loved your visit!

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