Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm back...

I'm back from the Bergamasco Boys' vacation. We visited our friend Mary in Cape Breton and she welcomed Prospero and Bruzzi. Friends like Mary are a blessing, the boys say.

One of the many amazing things we did was visit an artist/dollmaker/quiltmaker Anne Comfort Morrell Robinson.
She lives way up in the Margaree Valley and has this terrific space in a totally beautiful environment. AND she can give workshops in her basement for 8 - 12 people staying in a neighboring inn with all room and board included for almost $500 per person. Check the above link for happy workshop participants. What do you all think, sounds good doesn't it?

I found crows in the rafters. Anne said they came from Michael's. I must look for them next trip for art supplies.
I fell in love with this one and brought her home.

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