Thursday, August 28, 2008

My workshop schedule (links) and Katrina's Children (inspiration)

Playing with gradient tool as per Amanda Rockwell's design class.

Montreal -
For those of you who can get to Montreal in September (September 18th - 20th, 2008 Montreal, Québec), the Canadian Art Therapy Association along with the Quebec Art Therapy Association and Concordia University are hosting a conference: "Art as Witness: Art, Art Therapy and Trauma Resolution International Conference." The program looks very exciting with lots of familiar faces, friends, and former students (bravo). Do take a look if you are interested in trauma resolution and art.

The pre-conference courses also look very interesting but I can only be in the one I'm giving which is "Discovering Resilience Through Puppets and Storytelling". In this course we will be creating paper puppets and resilience narratives andn simple book structures, an excellent format for group or individual. I will also present my experiences of resilience and puppet making workshops with folks traumatized by hurricane Katrina, so you will get a clear understanding of how the workshop actually works to resolve trauma.

Also today is the last day of the Early Bird registration.

eWorkshops -
If you are interested in resilience, positive psychology and art but can't make it to Montreal, don't worry. The next Artist's Happiness Challenge course and the Artist's Healing Journey course will be starting September 15th and 29th respectively. If you are interested in art challenges based on current positive psychology research then take a look at The Artist's Happiness Challenge. If you are interested in art challenges which are geared to build resilience and are combined with the creation of a healing narrative, then you might want to take a look at The Artist's Healing Journey. Folks who take this course will have the opportunity to create a character and journal filled with images of hope and resilience woven into a healing narrative.

Katrina's Children -
Finally, there's a timely film coming to the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax September 16th, Katrina's Children. I've got my tickets! Do you want to see a clip?

For more visit Katrina's Children.

And for an interesting interview with the director, click here. Thanks to Cathy Malchiodi for pointing this film out in her blog.

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glimmering prize said...

Gosh Lani! If I wasn't so straight out crazy right now- i would drive on up to Montreal to take your class. So sorry i am going to miss it!