Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy photoshop? Here's a little photocollage of medieval paintings altered and photoshopped for The Artist's Healing Journey. (I love medieval art, how passionate and self-taught so much of it was.) That has been a very challenging course and a lot of fun too. Actually I'm finding it's increasing my energy, thinking about life as a kind of Joseph Campbell type journey. (20 days until the next course begins.)

Also Patti Edmon tagged me, says she loves this blog and that I should look at the blog of the person who tagged her, and the one who tagged that person, and the next thing you know I'm caught up in a whole lovely web of fantastic inspiring blogs. In the middle of my wanderings I came across the 37 Days blog. I'm enjoying that blog something fierce. A really passionate, wake-you-up and make-you-think kind of blog. Listen to why she chose 37 Days and read about why we should stop doing insignificant work in the world. She says it all boils down to 6 ways of being in the world: love more, say yes, slow down, trust yourself, speak up, and be generous! Doesn't that make sense? Heck just bookmark that blog and go back often! Meanwhile I'm going to see if I can get my hands on a copy of her book.

Thank you SO MUCH Patti Edmon!!!

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