Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Butterfly award...

I've been awarded this beautiful butterfly award by
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Thank you so much Nancye!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How do you create the feeling of spaciousness?

Collage by Lani, vintage cloud postcard from Playingwithbrushes.

Here's a lovely guided meditation that I found on Spirituality and Practice:
An Excerpt from Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Calm: Guided Meditations to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice by Christina Feldman

Christina Feldman, co-founder of Gaia House in Devon, England, presents 58 guided meditations designed to nurture spiritual growth. Here is one on the spiritual practice of joy.

Guided Meditation: Altruistic Joy

"Let your body settle into a posture of ease and balance.

"Gently close your eyes and settle your attention in your body and in the present moment.

"Invite into your attention a friend who is happy or joyous. They may be delighting in the birth of a child, in recovered health after a spate of illness or in a life event that has brought a newfound happiness.

"Sense their gladness, gratefulness, or delight as you have seen it in them.

"Offer them a generous wish that their happiness may deepen and continue.

"Find a few simple words or phrases that express the generosity of heart you feel for them:

" 'May your happiness deepen.'

" 'May your life continue to bring gladness and delight.'

"Next invite into your attention someone whom you envy or feel some resentment towards because of the happiness they are experiencing. It may be a friend, a colleague or even someone you do not know but whom you admire and yet at the same time envy.

"Offer to that person a generosity of heart that rejoices in their gladness, accomplishments, or successes:

" 'May your happiness deepen.'

" 'May your gladness continue.'

"Sense whether it is possible to offer that same generosity of altruistic joy to yourself. Take some moments to reflect on the many blessings and moments of happiness and ease that are present in your life in this moment. Reflect on your capacity for love, care and empathy, on the people in your life who care for you, on the moments of gladness and delight you encounter. Say to yourself:

" 'May I deepen in happiness and generosity.'

" 'May I live with appreciation and gladness.'

"When you are ready, open your eyes and come out of the posture."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wouldn't you love to invite these guys in for a cup of tea?

A Walk Around Britain - Short Version from awalkaroundbritain on Vimeo.
Here's what the has to say:
Three young men having been walking across Britain without any money, camping out and relying on the kindness of strangers to survive. Calling themselves "singing adventurers", they have taken three major trips in the past three years, sleeping wherever they can and foraging for food. They sing three-part folk songs, ancient and modern, wherever they are welcomed. They "busk in heaving towns, chant in crumbling chapels, and get feet tapping in many a-pub across the land."

Here's their website and it's got some of their songs on it. Beautiful!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And here's a little more of the flickr / TtV fun

One of the flickr groups is a collection of shots taken through the viewfinder to use for layers, Noise and Dust Through The Viewfinder. I particularly love this one. So thank you milesdscott!!

Oh and these were created for the 41st Weekly Contest on Man Ray

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Puppets from the Montreal workshop

Here are a few of the amazing puppets from the Montreal workshop in September. As you can see, great variety emerged, as always. Participants let themselves be guided by intuition rather than trying to impose their ideas on the materials. (Why is this a lesson that I need to learn on a fairly regular basis?) The theme was finding resilience within the self and within the group so it was quite interesting when one of the stories included a character who could see within the other puppets hearts and all the puppets became concerned about having their worst traits brought to light. I reminded the puppets (you can do this with puppetry) that since the character was able to see within everyone's heart (hers included) than she was also seeing everyone's strengths and resilience. Puppets and puppet makers were relieved. Thanks to Beverly King, Christine Sylvestre, Jhan Groom, Francine Levesque, and Yasmine Lesmoudi for sharing their imaginative work here.

More fun with flickr...

Now I've figured out the whole Man Ray challenge thing, I was able to create this one for the 41st Weekly Contest on Man Ray.

This one was created for Textures for Layers Challenge #39: Little Girl (too late to enter) with mad plumerian and Vin60's TtV's. I also used Tina / Reflected Memories' texture for layer (birds & branches). Below are the same TtV's with old postcards from China.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Playing with Man Ray Challenges

I followed the trail and links from bunchadogs & susan to the Flickr Man Ray group and the Flickr Textures for Layers group. Being late for two really great challenges, I combined the "grunge tree" with the Pierrot image (a challenge from 2006) here. Both this image and the one below use layers from telzey, Tina, and borealnz. The one below also uses a vintage photo from Playingwithbrushes.

Fun, fun, fun!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Plugged in

Plugged in
Originally uploaded by bunchadogs & susan
I love this photographer's work, mind, aesthetic! Wow, take a look at her flickriver if you get a chance. Thank you Adela, for sending me this link!