Sunday, November 16, 2008

Puppets from the Montreal workshop

Here are a few of the amazing puppets from the Montreal workshop in September. As you can see, great variety emerged, as always. Participants let themselves be guided by intuition rather than trying to impose their ideas on the materials. (Why is this a lesson that I need to learn on a fairly regular basis?) The theme was finding resilience within the self and within the group so it was quite interesting when one of the stories included a character who could see within the other puppets hearts and all the puppets became concerned about having their worst traits brought to light. I reminded the puppets (you can do this with puppetry) that since the character was able to see within everyone's heart (hers included) than she was also seeing everyone's strengths and resilience. Puppets and puppet makers were relieved. Thanks to Beverly King, Christine Sylvestre, Jhan Groom, Francine Levesque, and Yasmine Lesmoudi for sharing their imaginative work here.

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