Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Do you know Chrysti Hydeck?

Image from Chrysti's email. (TtV and crayons)
There are happy times going on over at Chrysti's blog. She's gotten hooked by the 29 Days of Giving project and it seems to me that all her blog visitors will benefit. Even if we don't benefit by all of the amazing give-aways, we will surely see the happiness that this generosity will create for Christy and all her friends! Here's a quote but read her blog!

A few months ago my friend Lia turned me onto the 29 Days of Giving project and almost instantly I knew it was a perfect fit for me. Though I’ve never been what one would call wealthy or rich with material things I’m always eager to share what I have. As a child, I used to drive my mother nuts by giving away my beloved toys and books to friends, schools, neighbors or anyone else my little mind thought could benefit from said object. Each of my belongings all had their own voices to me, and if i felt someone else could provide them with a better home, or appreciate them - well I gave it away, and often without permission.

As I grew older, I loved surprising people with an unexpected care package, spoiling them on holidays and other occasions, sending a card with an appreciative note out of the blue.. the list goes on and on and on.

Now isn't that nice? So go on over to Chrysti's blog and support her generosity! Leave her a message. Let her know if you like what you see! She's also got 1000+ free images to use in collages that you can find here. Here's what I did layering a few of them:
Collage by Lani (with Chrysti's help). Thank you Chrysti!!!

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