Friday, December 05, 2008

'Tis the season for giving gifts

I loved exploring links from Chrysti's blog and what I have discovered is there's some wonderful generosity out there. Here's the first one:
Susan Tuttle's long awaited (by me anyway) new book, Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations has just been released and the exciting, generous news is that she will be giving away a copy to a lucky, lucky person. There will be a drawing on Tuesday, December 16th at noon. If you want to be a part of the drawing, it's easy:

Just mention Susan's book in a post on your blog and include the Amazon link:
Then mention the contest and include a link to it in your post:
Then leave Susan a comment for this post that includes your contact info, so I know how to find you if you win.
She also says "Feel free to grab the .jpg image of the book cover to use in your post (not required)."

Another beautiful giveaway in going on over at Kelly Rae's blog. Donate $5 to the building of a new house for Esteria a friend of Jen Lemen's who is a friend of Kelly Rae and a person I admire hugely! It all has to do with a trip to Africa which you can read about here. Kelly will pick a lucky donor to win one of her paintings.

There's also a giveaway going on at Nancye's Art and Beautiful Junk blog. She's a part of the 29 day giving challenge community, so she will be giving away one of her new booklets on making folk art polymer clay dolls.

And of course because Chrysti's giveaway is for 29 days, you can keep checking in with her. She's got a lovely one today of a beautiful calendar. Take a look and join in the fun!

Isn't all of this generosity just about the best thing going?

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