Sunday, January 04, 2009

Do you know Nic Askew?

"What 'story' is out there waiting to be told by you?" by Lani

While looking at ideas and inspiration for the resilience course challenges being formulated here with the help of my computer, I quite happily distracted myself with a little surfing and stumbled on Nic Askew's simple, direct, short, stunning biographic films on YouTube. He is amazing. All of them are basically great black and white close ups of "just regular folks" talking about their lives and the meaning and or love that they have found in and for themselves and others. Interspersed through these films are some thought provoking questions.

Perhaps everything starts with a
relationship between two things,
between you & a somebody
or a something?

And perhaps you have an
opportunity to recognise
this & to create a 'story'?

Perhaps it's your
responsibility to do so?

What 'story' is out there
waiting to be told by you?

I looked at all of Nic's videos on YouTube, went to another website and found some more along with thought provoking sound bites and an email service of short words - regular inbox provocation, which Nic says are basically philosophically the same as his films. I, of course, signed up and am now working on the sound bites. I love this.

So here's a Nic Askew based challenge. If you look at the video's and really listen to what these folks are saying, could you imagine what story you would tell if the camera was pointed in your direction, and everything you imagines was important (degrees, accomplishments, stuff) is stripped away, and all that is left is your own true self and the camera rolling with black and white film? What would be revealed?

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darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Lani these are so very awesome SoulBiographies thanks so very much for putting them on your blog to share.