Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How do you feel about color?

While working on my resilience course I'm always searching for interesting self-care ideas. The other day I came across one about color and the idea of using color a little more intentionally.
Image from alfarman's flickr photostream,some color added by Lani

These strategies are from Diane M. Grandstrom, RN, BSN, CCRN, which I found on a nursing site, I like it, this idea of Diane Grandstrom's of using color more intentionally in our lives!

So here are a few ways to use color for self care and resilience.

* Observe the colors in your surroundings and the varieties in nature. Observe any emotional reaction to these colors. For example how do your eyes feel when walking through a wooded area in the spring? What does soft spring green do for you?

* Decorate your life with more color. Diane suggests creating a “color room” with fabric by getting seven different-colored sheets to use as drapes. Layer them on one or more walls with drawstring-style curtain rods. See how the color of your mood changes as quickly as you pull back the curtains.

* Buy colored light bulbs. Again, wee what color does for mood.

* Try wear colored sunglasses in various colors. Diane says there’s nothing quite like looking at the world through rose, green, blue, or other colored glasses, that the experience is very different from observing color.

* Thinking about how color influences mood, try wearing colors that will affect your body/mind/emotions as well as that of the folks around you.

* Here's a website that organizes flickr images according to color. It's a lovely way to look at color from other people's perspectives, images from all over the world. The image above popped out at me from this website.

* And Diane is not the only one using color with intention. Take a look at ArtsyMama's blog. She's got a great idea, a private blog with lots of designers working with a new color scheme each month. You can sign up at Etsy. I did and I'm delighted! February is Melissa McCobb Hubbell!!

* Also here's Diane's book list:
1. Gimbel T. The Colour Therapy Workbook. Rockport, ME: Element Books; 1997: 7.
2. Graham H. Discover Color Therapy. Berkeley, CA: Ulysses Press; 1999.
3. Wills P. Colour Therapy: The Use of Colour for Health and Healing. Boston, Mass: Element Books; 1999:14-17.


jaihn said...

Oooh thanks for the link to 'a year of color' - I'm in!
I've been mad for white all January - so I didn't Really miss it....

Lots of lovely links in your post. Thank you dear Lani.

Gena said...

Wow, love the link, I joined too. Your blog is packed with great resources, Lani. It is a real treasure trove. Thank you!