Monday, January 05, 2009

A Thought Thunk by Nic Askew

Collage by Lani

‘the magnificent & showy prison cell’

The law of attraction seems to be having a laugh.

And the joke might just be that it attracts those of us who are searching for what we need by creating stuff.

Who sets out to dream of an extraordinary life and in that dream is stuff, and at the centre of that dream is the beneficiary of that stuff? Us. Or more precisely, You. And me.

When we get to where we think we’re meant to be, to the fulfilment of a dream, we realise that isn’t it. The need still exists. I’ve filmed countless successful people who admit to this.

So perhaps the law of attraction, although an intoxicating and extremely sexy proposition, can lead us in circles. Perhaps it more often than not seduces us into redecorating our own prison cells. A possibly magnificent & showy prison cell full of stuff and experiences of stuff. But a prison cell all the same.

Perhaps freedom exists in a place without you or me at its centre. In a place that doesn’t need stuff, but that doesn’t exclude it.

I’ve noticed that when we dream of life together, the world that already exists around us emerges in a different light.

And in that light, we appear to be sitting bang in the middle of what we’re looking for. Already. Perhaps that is freedom.

But that might be a somewhat non-sensical & terrifying proposition for ambition. And for personal dreams. Perhaps even for the modern day interpretation of the law of attraction.

Maybe that’s the secret.

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