Thursday, January 08, 2009

Victoria Rabinowe's new book...

Image from Victoria Rabinowe's I HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM LAST NIGHT

I don't know if you all know Victoria Rabinowe's work (she's a book-artist, regular artist who loves dreams, and she started off in life as a puppet-maker), but I just read "I HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM LAST NIGHT" and it's lovely, strange, disturbing, and wonderful. Er, a little like a dream...
I very much recommend it! She's got an inspiring way of working with dreams!!!

For example one idea is about creating little altars of our dreams. She says dreams are museums of memories, ancestral connections, recollections, and reminiscences. She says they are filled with fragile relics, peculiar old stuff; things remembered and things forgotten. So we should find ways to show reverence towards our dreams by collecting memorabilia, souvenirs, and ephemera of dream images. We should create treasure hunts for ourselves. We should be on the lookout for mementos, antiquities, curiosities, icons, artifacts which bring to mind the fragments of our dreams. We should search for the dream keepsakes that resonate with the characters, animals, objects, colors and emotions from our dreams. With these objects we can create dream altars, groupings of found fragments and artifacts. We can wrap our written memories and musings together into sacred bundles. We can keep the spirits in our dreams alive!

Thank you Victoria Rabinowe!

So here's what I created for Christmas presents for my sisters and Mom, before I read this book. Last year I created them book boxes in which dreams and hopes could be kept alive.
During the year our mother told us a dream full of amazing, wonderful things. It took place in a beautiful cave with a stone altar and beautiful paintings on the rock walls. There were hand made dolls, mysterious notes in a variety of languages, and a variety of gifts left by visitors. A traveler came upon the cave one day and learned a lesson in generosity. In the end of the dream the traveler returns to the cave, some years later, with his children, and shows them the beauty and generosity which he had discovered.

It was a beautiful dream so why not create some of the objects from the dream as this years Christmas present, which could be kept safe in the dream box from last Christmas. Here's the dream story in mini book form:
And here are some of the other dream elements:

Fun, eh? My sisters and Mom got into it, even found other little objects that could be added to the dream box.

So here's a challenge for you: Create a work of art of some kind which will animate and honor a dream, and document it in some way. Feel free to share the results.

Oh, and buy Victoria's book!


Bill Charlebois said...

Hmmm. My dreams often resemble science fiction movies. I wonder what that means?

Lani Gerity said...

Well Bill, when Victoria started paying attention to her dreams, and started honoring them as best she could, her life got really amazing! Maybe your dreams need to become narratives for publication, eh?

Ellen Lyn said...

WOW~very cool story about your mom and her dream!! Say, I heard through the grape(kim)vine that you're going to AF-ri-CA! Not getting enough "hut" at home? ;-)

Lani Gerity said...

Nope, not me. Must be some other puppetmaker!

Jennifer Morrison said...

Hi Lani,
A couple of years ago I had a vivid and very disturbing dream in which "they" shot down the moon. As the moon is a prominent and important icon and presence in my life, you can imagine that the dream affected me deeply, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it meant.

Not long after that I attended a week long Expressive Arts class. I addressed this dream in my creative journal, and painted a picture from it. Then we had a storytelling day of lessons in which we could create a mask or a puppet to tell a story. I created a puppet to tell the story of that dream. He evolved as a wizened, elderly and wise looking elfen creature named "Lunas". It was one of the most rewarding activities I had ever participated in, and Lunas preceded other puppets which I created for varying reasons.

Your challenge is inspiration for me to approach another dream in a similar way. Thanks for the story, and the inspiration.

(Lunas and the other puppets are not with me at my home, but as soon as I get them back I will send a picture!)

Lani Gerity said...

I look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

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