Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another happy find!!!

Here's another happy find, Panos Efstathiadis has some lovely free photoshop actions on his website and on the Adobe Photoshop Exchange as well. The great thing about the Adobe Photoshop Exchange is that they can be sorted by ratings, or popularity, or newest, or by the creators. And they are all free.


Erika C. said...

THanks Lani for the happy list!!

Synchronicities make me happy and your happy list brought up a couple for me:

I was going to send you the link to the TED talks with Elizabeth Gilbert, did I do that?

And when I was at NYU, I babysat for Tom Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan. He is such a little elf and was very thoughtful, always walking me back to the subway station at night when I had to take the train back uptown!

I love your photograph of the coast too, so beautiful.

I hope to get to the guardian angel soon. Have you been receiving some?


Lani Gerity said...

Funny how synchronicity works. No, I was looking at the "I love this blog" list on the right side of this blog and just by chance clicked on
chookooloonks, and there it was. Then Gioia sent me the link as well. But I'd already posted it. There are quite a few wonderful TED talks. I may have to post another favorite.
Tomorrow post will have a few angels in it! Sweet dreams Tom Wait's baby-sitter. (How cool is that? I am so impressed!!!)