Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Anonymous (see comment in previous post)

Dear Anonymous,
I love your comment about stewing on a conundrum. You say you have no clear way to proceed to find your life's purpose or calling. And you speak of the "monkey mind" which sounds as though it may be whispering things to you like "do you really think you are on the right track" or "shouldn't you be closer to creating your best work by now" or some variant of these two thoughts. The best thing you could do, if you are serious about finding your life's purpose, or creating your best work, would be to still the monkey mind a bit. Let your deepest inner voice be heard or if it's the artist aspect, let your art come from that deepest, inner self. But how to access that, or how to still the monkey mind?

Do you know Frank Warren of the PostSecret project? Or Someguy's 1000 journals project? I suspect they have some really good ideas about freedom, expression, and flow (the opposite of monkey mind in my experience).

Both of these men got it into their heads that we could use our art and thoughts to communicate in a new way. There's an element of release in both these projects. You either share your secrets like gifts or you give your art and thoughts to a traveling art journal, again, like a gift. I think there's a great Art Release challenge in that. There is something in it that is very generous and free. It's been my experience that acts of generosity like these, generate all kinds of creative thoughts. So watch these two short videos and then proceed to the art challenge.

Taking a page from Someguy and Frank Warren, try this. Create two of these message-in-a-bottlethings and make them gifts, really beautiful bottles, altered and dressed up, like the moms in Texas, filling the bottle with sand and shells and inspiring artists thoughts. Find a secret place to leave one, like your favorite cafe or maybe even the library, and keep one for yourself.

Free yourself of your monkey mind and become who you already are. (Tell me how this works for you and if you got any inner wisdom during the experience)

Faithfully yours,

PS - And for your more intellectual side there's The Urban Monk who addresses a lot of what you were getting at in your comment!

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